Thursday, April 11, 2013

From OSX Daily: Dropped an iPhone in Water? Here's How to Save it from Water Damage

I wish I had known this when I was working as a principal. I had more trouble with dropping my Walkie Talkie in the toilet! The tech guys were getting to know me well! The last time, I told my assistant to just tell the tech guy "it doesn't work". I know. I know. Not very honest.
So, he brings my repaired Walkie Talkie back to my assistant, and he says, "So, Anita dropped her phone in the toilet again, I see!"
I don't know if those of us who are retired, and not encumbered with working, little kids, or other situations need this info But it can't hurt to keep this just in case. Read more here. By the way, OSX Daily is a great blog to subscribe to. It has lots of useful information about iPhones, iPads and Apple Computers.

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