Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Forgot My Apple ID or Password

I haven't been posting to this blog much...... wasn't sure it was that valuable to my community of friends and family. BUT I live in a retirement community where people are getting iPads and iPhones faster than I can keep up with them. Thank you Grandson, Son-in-law, Daughter for the gift of an iPad for your mom.  BUT, before you send her home, will you remind her she needs to know, understand and remember  her Apple ID and Apple ID password? For those of us who are in the 60+ crowd, we love the technology, but we cannot remember those dang passwords!

We "Boomers" may have the time and interest in an iPad, but at the same time, we may not have the memory to remember all those things you told us. Like the password.

Why does one need to know the Apple ID and password?  Does your system software need to be updated? You'll need your Apple ID and password.  In fact, if people don't have the newer system software iOS7 installed, it will be confusing for them as they try to keep up in any of the many iPad classes offered in their community or public library.  You can begin the install but before it is completed, you will be asked for your Apple ID password.

Do you want to get some free game apps? Would you like to install the Facebook app?  Yep.  You need it is to set up an account in iTunes. You will want to set up an account in iTunes if you want to purchase music, books or apps. Even to get free apps, you will need your Apple ID and password.

So, just in case you cannot remember Grandma's password, and she calls you, you can go to iforgot.apple.com to reset the password.