Monday, February 25, 2013

How to Load Photos onto your iPad

We recently went on a little two day trip, and I took lots of pictures. I like to take my Canon digital SLR camera, my Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit, and my iPad. I dump my pictures from my camera at the end of each day to my iPad, and then I can edit as I go, deleting pictures that did not turn out that well. I could also immediately share on Facebook or by email via iPhoto.

How to Load Photos onto Your iPad
Loading photos onto your iPad 2 from a digital camera, your iPhone, or from the web is easy enough if you buy the iPad Camera Connection Kit from Apple.

The kit contains two adapters: a USB Camera Connector to import photos from a digital camera or iPhone, and an SD Card Reader to import images from an SD card.

Follow these steps to import photos from a camera or other device, after you have the connector kit in hand:

  1. Put your iPad to sleep using the switch on the top of the iPad.
  2. Insert the USB Camera Connector into the Dock connector slot of your iPad.
  3. Connect the USB end of the cord that came with your digital camera or iPhone into the USB Camera Connector.
  4. Connect the other end of the cord that came with your camera or iPhone into that device.
  5. Wake your iPad.
  6. The Photos app opens and displays the photos on the digital camera or iPhone.
  7. Tap Import All on your iPad.
  8. If you want to import only selected photos, tap individual photos, tap Import, and then tap Import again.
  9. The photos are saved to the Last Import album.
  10. Disconnect the cord and the adapter and you're done!

You can also import photos stored on an SD (secure digital) memory card, often used by digital cameras as a storage medium. Simply put the iPad to sleep, insert the SD Card Reader into the iPad, insert the SD card containing the photos, and then follow Steps 5 through 7.

My Canon digital SLR uses a CF card (Compact Flash), so what I do is remove my CF card from my camera, insert it into my CF card reader, then plug that into the USB Camera Connector and into the Dock connector slot of my iPad.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Can Just Anyone Write a Blog?

Yes! Anyone! About anything!
In our Macintosh Users Group last week I was sharing a great post from MacOSXDaily, and someone spoke up and asked,

"Can just anyone write a blog? How do you know who to trust?"

Good question. I do a lot of training and support for Mac systems and iPads and iPhones. Because of this, I search blogs and forums. There are some I trust, and others I ignore. It is good to remember a few good sites that you know give credible information and support.

One I subscribe to and read regularly is the MacOSXDaily. I find lots of helpful tips and tricks on that blog. Check it out. You can bookmark it and check it once in awhile, or you can subscribe to it and have it sent to you by email. I have this one sent to my email, and sometimes I find it relevant, sometimes not.

Here is a good one from today...


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Have a Delightful Day for 99 Cents

I'm always looking for a good book, and I have learned that I have people who delight in the same types of books that I like. If I am looking for any type of self-help book (which I really love), I read anything my son Brian Howard recommends. He has never steered me wrong in that category.
But fiction? I am not sure Brian ever reads fiction, but this I know, my friend Marianne does, and I can trust her if she says a book is delightful. So......
I see an email post from her today, and she has commented about a book on:

She says the book is "delightful" and that she "couldn't put it down". Ok. I am ALMOST sold. Next question. How much is it on Amazon? Because I read almost all my books now on my iPad, and I usually purchase them from the Amazon Kindle Store. I started out with the Amazon Kindle Store because I had a Kindle. Denny and I now share well over 800 books stored in the Kindle Library, and still...... I am always looking for a delightful book that someone said they couldn't put down.
So...... I click on the book Marianne has recommended this morning.


Does it get any better then that? (Well, only if it was free.) But 99 cents? Delightful? Couldn't put it down? My kind of book.

In no time at all, I have added it to my Kindle library for 99 cents. Can't wait to start it. I will let you know.

Oh. Here's the book on Amazon:

P.S. Remember, I haven't read it yet,  so don't blame me if you don't like it.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Denny the Techie (Tekkie?) How Do You Spell Techie?

So Denny has an iPhone and an iPad. He is getting to be quite a techie (however you spell it). So this morning he asks me: "How do I get something from iBooks on my iPhone to iBooks on my iPad? 
He tends to use his iPhone more than his iPad, so this is a good sign.
He downloaded an article in PDF format to his iBooks on his iPhone. 
I Googled that question.
Apple Support Communities gave a thorough answer. 
You can read the complete article here.

This way is a little easier:

1. Open iBooks
2. Click on the PDF file, but do not open it.
3. In the options box, choose MAIL
4. Mail it to yourself
5. Go to your iPad and open that mail
6. Open PDF file
7. On the iPad, open the options box again.
This gives you an option to save it to iBooks

Friday, February 1, 2013

Stop iPhoto from Launching When iPhone is Connected

Okay. This really drives me nuts! I connect my iPad to my Macbook Pro occasionally for a couple of reasons, and iPhoto pops up. I have to wait for it to load, then I have to quit iPhoto. OSXDaily, a blog I regularly follow, dealt with this problem. Here is the info I read, and when I followed their directions, it worked perfectly. I would highly recommend this blog if you are looking for tips and tricks for your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple product.