Saturday, February 2, 2013

Denny the Techie (Tekkie?) How Do You Spell Techie?

So Denny has an iPhone and an iPad. He is getting to be quite a techie (however you spell it). So this morning he asks me: "How do I get something from iBooks on my iPhone to iBooks on my iPad? 
He tends to use his iPhone more than his iPad, so this is a good sign.
He downloaded an article in PDF format to his iBooks on his iPhone. 
I Googled that question.
Apple Support Communities gave a thorough answer. 
You can read the complete article here.

This way is a little easier:

1. Open iBooks
2. Click on the PDF file, but do not open it.
3. In the options box, choose MAIL
4. Mail it to yourself
5. Go to your iPad and open that mail
6. Open PDF file
7. On the iPad, open the options box again.
This gives you an option to save it to iBooks

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