Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Can Just Anyone Write a Blog?

Yes! Anyone! About anything!
In our Macintosh Users Group last week I was sharing a great post from MacOSXDaily, and someone spoke up and asked,

"Can just anyone write a blog? How do you know who to trust?"

Good question. I do a lot of training and support for Mac systems and iPads and iPhones. Because of this, I search blogs and forums. There are some I trust, and others I ignore. It is good to remember a few good sites that you know give credible information and support.

One I subscribe to and read regularly is the MacOSXDaily. I find lots of helpful tips and tricks on that blog. Check it out. You can bookmark it and check it once in awhile, or you can subscribe to it and have it sent to you by email. I have this one sent to my email, and sometimes I find it relevant, sometimes not.

Here is a good one from today...


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