Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Not an Expert...Just a Fellow Traveler

Going Paperless? Really? Well. Last night we were heading out to dinner and Denny says: "Got the directions?" I say, "Sure. Right here. next to the computer. Or maybe in my purse............. hmm. Or maybe in that bag I was carrying my iPad in Sunday. It was a little slip of white paper."  We headed out using MapQuest on my iPhone. No slip of paper. Took us way longer than we thought. We arrived late. Denny says to George, "Do you ALWAYS come over all those speed humps?" "No! I told you not to come that way!" I had to admit that 1. I am not a good listener to directions or anything else. 2. I lost the slip of paper.
On the way home, I said to Denny, "I am doing this presentation Monday, Going Paperless with your iPad, and I cannot even manage one little slip of paper!"
Well, this morning I found George's note. Next to the computer. With a whole pile of other stuff. I'm cleaning it up. Right now.
See you Monday. December 21, 3:00 pm at the Coronado Room. Sunflower Village Center. Using my iPad to Go Paperless. I'm learning right along with you. Not an expert. Just a fellow traveler.

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