Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Get By With Some Hints From My Friends

I have a friend who is a Geeky senior citizen like me. We are neighbors in a retirement community, and we both love everything Apple: Mac, iPad, iPhone, you name it (I say that in case Apple comes out with another new product today or tomorrow). We have only known each other about a year. We met through the Sunflower Computer Club and now serve on the SFCC Board together. We teach iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Classes at the Village Center. We get together weekly to discuss our presentation, or do other Geeky stuff. We learn so much from one another. So, here is something I learned from her:

If you are backing up your iPad or iPhone to iCloud, it is a good idea once in awhile to do this:

Connect your iPad in to your computer
Open iTunes
Find your iPad in the sidebar under Devices
Click on your iPad and open it in iTunes.
Choose "Automatically Back up .... this Computer"
Click "Apply" on the right lower corner of the window.

When the operation is complete,  You can then click the box that says "Automatically Backup...iCloud" Go back to your iPad (sidebar under Devices) and choose the eject symbol. You will now have a full backup on your computer.

This is also handy if you are upgrading to a newer iPad, or you are buying an additional device, like an iPad Mini.

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