Sunday, March 17, 2013

Google Ordered To Tell Us "Quit Shouting to the World What You Are Doing on the Internet!"

Google "snooped on people's Wi-Fi networks".  Google employees out in the neighborhoods taking pictures for their Street-View, used information they took from open Wi-Fi networks in the neighborhood. As a result of a class action lawsuit, Google is being ordered to let people know that they should secure their open Wi-Fi with a password. An interesting part of this is that Google thinks what they did is perfectly legal ..... (read the entire article here)

Google has maintained in its defense against the class action that it did nothing illegal by gathering data from open Wi-Fi networks. Their argument: By leaving your Wi-Fi network open, you’re essentially shouting what you’re doing over the Internet to the world. That last line may well end up in their forthcoming educational YouTube video. Read More here

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